Invited Speakers

Kohlberg Memorial lecture




Darcia Narvaez is Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. She publishes extensively on moral development and education. Her books include “Moral Development in the Professions” (with Rest; 1994, Erlbaum); “Postconventional Moral Thinking” (with Rest, Bebeau and Thoma; 1999, Erlbaum); “Moral Development, Self and Identity” (with Lapsley; 2004, Erlbaum); “Personality, Identity and Character” (with Lapsley; 2009, Cambridge); “Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development” (with Panksepp, Schore & Gleason; 2013, Oxford); “Ancestral Landscapes in Human Evolution: Culture, Childrearing and Social Wellbeing” (with Valentino, Fuentes, Mckenna & Gray; 2014, Oxford); and “Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom” (2014, Norton). She is executive editor of the Journal of Moral Education. She also writes a popular blog for Psychology Today (“Moral Landscapes”).


Keynote speakers




Abraham Magendzo received a Master’s in Education and History (Hebrew University in Jerusalem – Israel), a Doctorate in Education (University of California – Los Angeles, California) and Postdoctoral in Curriculum (Institute of Education the University of London – England). Academic Director of the Doctoral Degree Program in Education and the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights Education Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano in Santiago, Chile. Areas of interest: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Education in Human Rights, Citizenship Education, School Coexistence, Conflict resolution, bullying, school violence.






Larry Nucci is a faculty member at the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley and Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Nucci has published extensively on children’s moral and social development and education. His 8 books include the Handbook of Moral and Character Education (Edited with Darcia Narvaez and Tobias Krettenauer: Routledge, 2014); Nice is Not Enough: Facilitating Moral Development (Pearson, 2009; Chinese translation) and Education in the Moral Domain (2001; Chinese, Dutch, Italian and Spanish translations). An aspect of his work has focused on children’s judgments about issues considered personal matters of privacy and discretion. This research has been carried out in a number of contexts including Asia and Brasil (where he was a Fulbright Fellow). Recently his work has focused on the assessment of moral and social reasoning and on the integration of moral education within the regular academic curriculum. He is Editor in Chief of the journal Human Development and a member of the editorial boards of Cognitive Development, Parenting Science and Practice, and the Journal for Research in Character Education.




Silvia Helena Koller is Brazilian and works as a Full Professor and Chair of the Center for Psychological Studies of At-Risk Populations in the Department of Psychology at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil <>. Collaborator Professor at North West University, in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. She was awarded as Honorary Professor at Universidad de Chiclayo and Universidad Autónoma del Peru, Peru, and as the 2010 the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) International Fellow and the 2010 Association of Psychological Societies Fellow. President of the Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Psychology and of the Brazilian Society of Developmental Psychology. The Human Sciences Research Council and UNICEF consultant in Africa. Her research focuses primarily on positive and ecological development and applied psychology, children’s rights, resilience, and prosocial moral development. She lectured at different universities around the world, such as North-West University (South Africa), University of Zurich (Switzerland), UIUC, UNL, UNC, and ASU (USA), Universidad del Valle, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Pontifical Universidad Católica Javeriana, and Universidad de Baranquilla (Colombia), Universidad San Marco, Pontifical Universidad Católica, Universidad Autónoma, and Universidad de Chiclayo (Peru), Pontifical Universidad Católica (Chile), and others.